For a couple of weeks I’ve been wondering what 1000 CDs would look like– will they take over the garage?  fit under the bed? be bigger than a bread box?  Answers: no, no, yes.

They came in seven smallish boxes which filled up the UPS guy’s hand-truck.  When I saw him come around the corner and onto our front porch, I bolted from  my chair, grabbed the camera, and flagged him down before he jumped back into his Brown truck.  Maybe he was just humoring our little-kid-on-Christmas-morning enthusiasm, but he was big-grin friendly and happy to let me snap a few shots so you could be here with us and join in the celebration!

Getting them in the mail to our ministry partners and friends who have ordered copies will keep us busy for several days, but you should have your copy (if you haven’t ordered one yet, why not?) the first part of next week.

After we catch up with the pre-release orders, I’ll be updating this blog on Wednesdays with behind-the-scenes stories of the songs, upcoming performances, stories you send me ( and other stuff I hope you find interesting.

The first box of seven (Is 1000 evenly divisible by 7?? I don't think so!)

Now to sign a bunch of CDs.  What do I say???  This is so weird!  People actually want ME to sign a CD.  This is really weird.  I have NO idea what to say… what the protocol is… what NOT to say…. can I get someone else to do it…. this is beyond weird…


~ by cathyhowie on January 19, 2010.

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