No Air

Draw Near, Part I

Since DRAW NEAR is officially released (and I’ve caught up a bit on life that had been on hold!) I’m going to start sharing stories—how the songs came to be, ways God has used them, snatches from my journal and journey, etc.

This first post is from the packaging explaining where the CD name came from.

To DRAW NEAR to God is my deepest desire. With everything I am I long to draw near to The I AM. My soul’s cry is wondrously portrayed in God’s description of the leviathan:

His back has rows of scales tightly sealed together; each is so near to the next that no air can pass between. They are joined fast to one another; they cling together and cannot be parted. — Job 41:15-17

May I live so close to Him that no air, no thought, no word, no action, can come between us and cling so tightly to Him that we cannot be parted.

And He promises that if I draw near to Him, He will draw near to me. (James 4:8)

The desire to be one with Him comes through the songs I write, even when I’m not consciously aware of it. A phrase sneaks in on its own, and taking its place, exposes my heart. My prayer is that a word, a verse, a song in this collection would drive out the air between you and Him as you draw near.

Reading this again reminds me of the need for unflagging vigilance, especially in my thought life. It’s so easy to say that I won’t let anything come between Jesus and me until someone violates my perceived rights, and I let selfish anger in. Until our van is declared dead, and the fear of how to afford a new one slips in forcing us apart. Until the sun hides for several weeks, and I let the sky’s gloominess settle into a place where not even air should be allowed.

Ah, but the sun is out today, our gracious Father forgives and restores, and buoys up my vigilant resolve.


~ by cathyhowie on March 4, 2010.

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