In everything.  That’s what I underlined as I read Ephesians 5:24.  But without the events of that evening, there was just a pencil line beneath a word in my Bible.


My birthday celebration was delayed a few days, so I was eagerly looking forward to going out to eat with my husband and taking a trip to Guitar Center to buy a loop pedal.  I’m not the techiest musician in the band, so I needed Tomas’ help looking at the gadgets.  (A loop pedal allows me to record a chord progression as I play it, play it back, and record more layers on top of it in real time.  Definitely very cool.)

We had a delicious meal at Woody’s Library outside with a gentle summer breeze keeping us cool right after the visit to GC.  I wanted to go there first because it was late and I was afraid the store would be closed after we ate.

There must have been a guitar convention in town that just got out.  Guitarists milled around in the gear area, making it difficult to navigate and find a clerk.  While we waited, we looked at the loop pedals, trying to compare the models and decide which I should buy.  After comparing,  Tomas wanted to check out an amp he had at home that would run headphones so I wouldn’t need to also buy a practice amp.  The sales guy assured us there were two of the pedals I liked in stock if we wanted to come back the next day.   “Let’s wait until tomorrow.  I think my amp will work, but I’ll have to check it out when we get home.”

Like a kid sitting cross-legged on the floor by the presents under the Christmas tree, “Let’s wait,” was not exactly guitar loop music to my ears.  Just then, what I had read that morning echoed through my head: “Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.”   I could have started a discussion.  After all, the money was mine– I’d saved for months.  We could buy the pedal and try it out with the mini-amp at home, then return it if I needed something else.  But I kept my mouth shut, and chose to have a good attitude as we walked out the door and drove to the restaurant.


The amp at home checked out, and I had a meeting that just happened to be near GC then next evening.  I entered the store by myself looking like I knew what I was doing, walked up to a surprisingly empty counter, and asked for the model I wanted.  “I’m sorry, we don’t have that one in stock.”  I checked the model number; the two of us looked at the display model just to be sure, but there weren’t any in the store.  I was confused and very disappointed.

While I was thinking about driving to another music store, the young man came out from behind the counter and showed me a loop station we hadn’t noticed the night before made by a different company.  He explained how many more features and much greater storage capacity the Digitech JamMan had– for $15 less than one I had asked for.  Without consulting my tech consultant, I smiled and confidently said I’d take it.

Digitech JamMan Stereo loop station

During the check-out process I had a lot to think about and got a bit confused.  I was paying for my pedal with a gift card from our credit card company (using accrued points), the cash I’d saved for months, and a credit card to cover what I thought was going to be a small amount over the gift card and cash.  The amount was not small, so I went to the service desk to ask why.

The pedal rang up for $50 more than the price listed on the shelf.  I went back to the salesman, who was also surprised.  Doing a little research, he discovered the model on the shelf was older than the newest upgrade that was in my bag.  Neither of us thought that was a good way to do business, so while he went to talk to a manager, I decided that I’d return everything and leave empty-handed if I had to pay the extra $50.  I’d have to look elsewhere for the pedal I wanted originally, or wait and save more money.

He came back all smiles.  The manager said it was their mistake and they would refund me the $50.  Nice.

On my way home, I put all this together.  I’d just bought a loop pedal WAY better than the one I thought I wanted for a lot less money than it was worth.  Would this have happened the night before if I had insisted on buying a pedal?  Maybe, but I don’t think so.

In every situation that I have chosen to submit to my husband’s leadership, I have been blessed.  Even if I know I’m right, when I submit to Tomas’ leadership, it always turns out better for me.  I don’t know how this works, but I know it does.  There are others lots of other commands to give up my rights in the Bible.  The cool thing is that God pairs commands with blessing.  The blessing doesn’t always come this soon, but but it always comes.

For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it. Luke 9:24


When I got home I told Tomas the whole story (in more detail than a guy probably wants to hear) and even let him play with my toy first.  After all, it was his idea to wait a day.  Another hour wouldn’t hurt.

And I needed him to figure it out so he could teach me anyway!  Here’s my first try.  There’s a pop when the four measures loop which wasn’t on the original.  I’ll fix that next time.

Hope you enjoy my blessing, too!


~ by cathyhowie on June 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “IN EVERYTHING”

  1. Here’s the url to the loop. It didn’t appear as a link in the post.

  2. WOW!! Thank you for your story. Its such a wonderful testimony. Really…’IN EVERYTHING’. I am going to remember this one. God bless the use of your new gadget and may you continue to make beautiful music for Him.

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