Winter White


Our Christmas offering to you this year.
Please stop by next week for an updated version with the symbolism explained.


Untold stars float and swirl
.     enthralled by one surge lifting them
Each and together
    free to fly, albeit tethered
.     to gust and gale,
.           still intent on earth to lie


Where one frost, fresh and raw,
.     that birthed the stars, illumined them,
Killed deep decay;
.     leaf and frond motionless lay
.     concealed and covered
.           in thick grace around the pond
          of warm vapors rising


From melted stars that wait and long
.     for one breath over them–
A still small whisper
.    in winter white speaks a mirror
.     of perfect peace
.           on the earth; all is bright


© 12/3/2012 catherine howie


~ by cathyhowie on December 15, 2012.

One Response to “Winter White”

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